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I am very pleased to write a letter recommending Rita Mikalauskas as a therapist & Bowen practitioner. I have recently been under extreme stress, & approached the suggestion of Bowen therapy with considerable scepticism. Rita is calm, professional, & most reassuring. She explained the procedure throughout, so that I felt total confidence in the technique, & was able to concentrate on releasing my tensions. During the sessions, my sense of time & place slowly dissolved, & by the end, I was experiencing the most profound state of relaxation I have ever known. I have found this a strengthening & enabling experience. I've been delighted to find that the enhanced sense of well being has stayed with me. I recommend Rita for her holistic approach. A.A.B,

During the last year my father was in great pain because of chronic arthritis. This had built up over several years and showed as shoulder and neck immobility and chronic pain. Mid way through the year he also had a stroke which gave a loss of control over his face and arm. His whole quality of life was in question at that point. He became very introspective and when the pain interfered with even simple tasks like eating we looked outside of the normal medical regime of prescribed painkillers and were told about Bowen Therapy.

We were put in touch with Rita Mikalauskas of Natural Bowen Therapy and she has attended my father over a 4 month period. She has worked very hard with him in five one hour sessions using her therapy techniques in our home. During this time the improvement in my father's outlook on life and his general health has been quite remarkable given he is in is 93rd year of life. He has gained mobility in his shoulder and neck and arm, his pain has been much reduced and is now controlled by simple paracetamol.

However, the main improvement has been a renewed interest in many of the interests in his life and he is now back on the internet, gets out and about with assistance and will answer the phone with confidence. I am certain that much of his improvement in well-being can be attributed to Rita and the therapy she uses and I am very happy to write this testimonial. Alan James,