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Factors affecting hair

Anyone experiencing a 'bad hair day' will know how the way our hair looks affect the way we feel about ourselves. Shiny, well-conditioned hair gives the appearance of health and vitality. When we are ill, our hair quickly looks lifeless and dull. Diet, age, hormones, and other factors discussed below will all have an impact on how our hair looks.
  • Diet:
Health of the hair comes from within therefore a poor diet can affect its condition. The diet must have plenty of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C to provide sufficient nourishment to the hair follicles. Minerals such as iron, sulphur, zinc can help the hair become brighter and more lustrous. Vitamin B5 relieves stress in the hair and vitamin A helps alleviate a dry and scaly scalp.
  • Illness:
Prolonged illness and stress can cause both hair loss and greying - caused by poor uptake of essential nutrients by the body ad slowed down cell metabolism.  Tension in the scalp reduces the circulation of oxygen and starves the roots of nutrients needed for hair growth.
  • Hormonal Influences:
Puberty, pregnancy and the menopause will all affect the  hair. Hair can become greasy during menstruation, and dry if there is a thyroid problem. Pregnancy may cause a temporary hair loss. The drop in oestrogen during
the menopause can cause the hair to become dry, brittle, and coarse.
  • Over-Processing:
Perming and dyeing the hair can alter the hair shaft causing it to become dry and brittle. Over-use of shampoos containing detergents and chemicals can dry out the scalp.
  • Shock:
Severe shock has been known to cause the hair to fallout.
  • Medication:
Certain medications can affect the hair by drying the skin, which in turn blocks the follicles with dead keratinised cells, which block the circulation to the scalp.
  • Allergies:
Sensitivity to certain products used on the hair and scalp causes a reduction of circulation of the blood to the hair. Dandruff may also result from allergies.