Both as a Bowen Technique therapist and as a person, I can’t rate Rita Mikalauskas highly enough. I presented myself to her as a bit(!) of a physical wreck in the latter half of 2013, hoping she could help me with the severe neck pain and 5-day headaches that I had been having for over two years. I also had major problems with my balance, having a) been born with a couple of twists in my spine, and b) had a serious accident with my left foot about 14 years previously, resulting in me being unable to place full weight on it and leaving me ‘listing’ to the left whenever I tried to stand or walk. I had a lot of sinus trouble, including a post-nasal drip, plus a multitude of other minor and not-so-minor ailments to contend with too. Any lesser mortal than Rita would have run a mile!

 Six months later I can’t say that I’m cured – but I am most certainly healed. With Rita’s ongoing ministrations my posture has improved enormously; my shoulders are now at an even height; my balance is the best it has been since I was a young child; I can now stand, if not entirely straight, then at least tall, without the constant fear of falling to one side that I had for the whole of my adult life. I can place my feet confidently on the ground literally and figuratively – the difference both physically and psychologically/emotionally is huge. My sinus problems have reduced substantially and I now have coping mechanisms in place regarding my headaches (I discovered I have irreversibly abraded neck vertebrae). I am still a work in progress but am now excited rather than depressed about my future. I unreservedly recommend Bowen Technique in general and treatment by Rita in particular as a way forward for anyone who feels ‘stuck’ healthwise. My life has been transformed and I am incredibly grateful – Rita, you’re a star!!!  J. d’L. Brixham

I am very pleased to write a letter recommending Rita Mikalauskas as a therapist and Bowen practitioner.  I had recently been under extreme stress, and approached the suggestion of Bowen therapy with considerable scepticism. Rita is calm, professional, and most reassuring. She explained the procedure throughout, so that I felt total confidence in the technique, and was able to concentrate on releasing my tensions. There was a faint but pleasant perfume in the room, and very quiet but peaceful music playing.  During the sessions, my sense of time and place slowly dissolved, and by the end, I was experiencing the most profound state of relaxation I have ever known. Rita gave me a drink
of water, and encouraged me to sit quietly for a while to reconnect with the real world, before driving home. I've been delighted to find that the enhanced sense of well being has stayed with me.  I recommend Rita for her holistic approach. She uses her counselling/listening skills very effectively so that Bowen becomes part of a therapeutic session, which gently explores wider issues. I have found this a strengthening and enabling experience.  A. B. Brixham

I came to see Rita while suffering much pain and discomfort in my neck. Through using Bowen and showing me how to work with my body, she made me feel much better. She is an excellent therapist and is full of helpful tips and suggestions which can be used in every day life to minimise pain and to use the body more effectively.  I would recommend Bowen and Rita to anyone who is willing to try an alternative therapy - it definitely works !  C.T Brixham